Teacher Preparation Financial Aid


The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) is required to be considered for many of the scholarships and grants below.

WSU General Scholarship Application

Complete this scholarship application, due Jan. 31 each year, to automatically be considered for over 80 donor-supported scholarships in the College of Education, plus over 700 additional WSU scholarships.

Washington State Educator Workforce Program (EWP)

EWP offers a Teacher Shortage Conditional Scholarship that provides financial aid to those seeking an endorsement in a shortage area. Additionally, EWP offers a Student Teaching Grant for student teachers in Title I public schools in Washington.

Teacher Loan Forgiveness

There are several programs that forgive teachers’ student loans after qualifying payments and/or years of teaching. Depending on your loan, teaching endorsement and school, up to 100% of your loan can be forgiven.

WSU Vancouver Student Financial Services

As a WSU Vancouver student, you have access to all the resources our financial aid office has to offer. Student Financial Services regularly hosts workshops as well as individual appointments to learn more.

Learn more about our teacher preparation programs—contact Academic Coordinator Casper Menson at casper.menson@wsu.edu or 360-546-9673.