Master in Teaching with Secondary Certification

Department of Teaching and Learning

The Master in Teaching with Secondary Certification program has an emphasis on social justice. The overarching program goal is to create a collaborative environment that supports all students and offers a foundation for professional growth.

Completing the Master in Teaching (M.I.T.) program along with meeting state requirements leads to a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate with a Secondary (5-12) Endorsement as well as the master’s degree.

Admission requirements

Admission is selective and requires a minimum 3.0 undergraduate GPA (per Graduate School policy).

All applicants must have prior experience working with (either paid or volunteer) school age children in a formal educational environment to be eligible to apply.  This experience must be completed by September 15 of the year of application.

Applicants must pass the content knowledge test (either an NES or WEST-E test) for the specific endorsement area by December 1 of the year of application. All test scores must be sent to WSU Pullman. Contact academic coordinator for more information.

For details, contact us, or see the M.I.T. Secondary Program Guide (PDF).

Application process

The priority application deadline is Sept. 15 each year. The M.I.T. Secondary program begins once each year in January.

Admission requires a transcript evaluation. You may submit an Transcript Evaluation Request (PDF) to Jennifer Gallagher or 360-546-9075 stating which endorsement you want to pursue, along with all transcripts showing courses that may fulfill admission prerequisites (unofficial transcripts are sufficient). Include your mailing address, telephone number and email address. Evaluations may take four to six weeks. To ensure transcript evaluations are complete before the priority application deadline, submit before July 1.

Obtain an M.I.T. Secondary Application Portfolio from the academic coordinator, Jennifer Gallagher or 360-546-9075, once the transcript evaluation has been returned. Only applicants who are within two courses (approximately 6 semester credits) may apply to the M.I.T. Secondary program.

Program requirements

A minimum of 29 semester credits of course work and 12 semester credits of field experience is required to complete the Master in Teaching with Secondary Certification. For details about the program, download the M.I.T. Secondary Program Handbook (PDF).

Spring semester schedule (first semester in program):

  • Classes are usually offered in the evening (5:45 - 8:30 p.m.) Monday - Thursday, with frequent school-day observations required for one or more classes during the semester.

Summer term schedule (first summer term in program):

  • Classes are scheduled for two 6-week sessions, with most classes offered during the day or late afternoon.

Fall semester schedule:

  • Fall classes are usually offered in the evening (5:45 - 8:30 p.m.) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Students may take any remaining methods courses on Thursday.
  • Pre-internship requires 12 hours per week during the school day.

Spring semester schedule:

  • Teacher candidates spend five days per week at their placement school.
  • If all requirements are met, the Washington Residency Teaching Certificate is recommended after spring grades post.

Summer term (final term in program):

  • Teacher Candidates complete MIT 702: Final Master's project to complete the MIT degree requirements.