Master in Teaching with Elementary Certification

Department of Teaching and Learning

Completing the Master in Teaching (M.I.T.) program along with meeting state requirements leads to a Washington State Residency Teacher Certificate with an Elementary (K-8) Endorsement as well as the master’s degree. The program can be completed in 15 months full-time and 27 months part-time.

The WSU Vancouver M.I.T. program emphasizes the connection between teaching experiences and the practical realities of K-8 classrooms, as well as the importance of collaboration with colleagues and students on teaching strategies and a professional network.

Application process

The preferred application submission date is December 1 each year. The M.I.T. Elementary program begins once each year in May.

For more information, contact the academic coordinator, Dan Overbay, or call 360-546-9673.

Admission requirements

Admission is selective and requires a minimum 3.0 GPA.

All prerequisite courses and passing WEST-B/SAT/ACT scores must be completed by the time the program begins in the summer session (mid-May).

For more information, see the M.I.T. Elementary Program Guide (PDF).

Program requirements

A minimum of 51 semester credits is required to complete the certification portion, with two additional courses (totaling 5 credits) to complete the master’s degree. The full program is completed in four consecutive semesters. Students may request consideration for a 27-month part-time program. Courses are taught by nationally recognized scholars and local school educators and are offered during the daytime utilizing a personal face-to-face mode of delivery. For more information, see the handbooks.