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Department of Teaching and Learning

The Endorsement Program enables certified teachers to add to their credentials. Use these endorsements to open new doors of opportunity for you within your school district or to help you gain employment for the first time.

In addition to the traditional route of taking classes and an exam to add an endorsement, we offer Pathway 2 Alternative Routes (PDF). Some of our endorsements may be obtained in conjunction with a master’s degree. Others are strictly “non-degree” endorsements (also known as add-on endorsements).

Endorsements available either non-degree or as part of an Ed.M. program:

Endorsements offered only as non-degree:

Application process

If you are pursuing a master’s degree, follow the application process. Endorsement applications are available from Jennifer Gallagher at j.gallagher@wsu.edu or 360-546-9075.

Application priority deadlines for non-degree endorsements are:

  • November 15 – for spring admission
  • March 1 – for summer admission
  • July 1 – for fall admission

Admission requirements include an endorsable U.S. teaching certificate. Non-endorsable certificate holders may take part in the program, but will receive a letter from the certification officer of WSU confirming completion of the program in place of the endorsement.

Adding an endorsement to your credentials

You must pass the corresponding required state content exam (either WEST-E or NES tests) for your endorsement area. For information on materials and fees associated with updating your credential with your new endorsement, contact Jennifer Gallagher at j.gallagher@wsu.edu or 360-546-9075.