Administrative Credentials

Students successfully completing this program and meeting state requirements will receive their Washington State Program Administrator or Principal Credential and can expand their career in K-12 education. Faculty have carefully incorporated a balance of practical experience, theory, and research into each program to develop you as a leader in the world of public education. The Administrative Credential Program is housed in the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling Psychology (ELCP) of the College of Education (COE).

Program Description

The Program Administrator and Principal Credential programs are designed as 3 year programs. Courses are typically taken over the first 2 years and a 1-year internship experience (720 hours) is completed during the third year.

Adding the Master of Education to the Administrative Program

The State of Washington requires all recipients of administrative credentials to have a master’s degree. We offer the Master of Education degree in conjunction with our Administrative Credential program for those students who still need their master’s degree. Adding the master’s degree requires five additional courses (3 credits each for 15 credits total) and a comprehensive written examination in addition to the courses required for the administrative program.